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Let’s chat about your diet! We will discuss your current eating habits and struggles. Then I’ll give you feedback and ways you could improve your eating habits. You’ll leave with actionable steps to revamp your diet right away.

You might need a nutrition audit if...

​You’ve been trying to lose weight for over 2-3 months with little to no success

You’re not sure what to eat and when to eat to support your hard work in the gym

You’re scared of trying something new because nothing has worked in the past

You’re eating habits have been inconsistent and you need help to get back on track

You need ideas of how to eat healthy with your busy and exciting life

You eat great during the week but on the weekend you fall apart

You can’t control your late night snacking

You’re anxious when around all the food at parties

You don’t know how to build a balanced healthy plate

You’re not sure HOW MUCH you should be eating

During the diet audit

we will take a deep dive

into your day-to-day eating habits.

How do you eat during the week?

How do you eat on the weekends?

How do you feel around food when at parties?

What are your cravings?

How often do you feel hungry?


This is a no-judgement, safe place to talk about your nutrition.

If you’re willing to learn and grow by implementing the tools I provide you with,

I have no doubt you will succeed!


Purchase a nutrition audit for a professional review of

your day-to-day eating patterns with real-time feedback.

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