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Hear directly from my clients about the successes they have had during their time working with me as their fitness coach. 
What will your success story be? 


“I’ve been with Cait for 12 weeks and absolutely love working out again!! She designs workouts around my abilities, helps me through eating struggles, and celebrates my successes. She continues to challenge me to live my best life. I’m so thankful for finding her and having the courage to try one more program. It’s not just about losing weight for me anymore, it’s about making lifestyle changes that affect my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.”


Ohio, Age 52


"I’ve been working with Cait since the beginning of June but have known her for several years. She’s helped me take the guesswork out of my workouts & I’m seeing the results. We connect regularly & she’s there whenever I need her. She has a realistic approach to health & fitness & I appreciate that. She will help you design the workout that best fits you & she really knows her stuff! She also has the degrees & experience to back it up. Most importantly, her passion for helping others is what I love. She walks the walk!"


Maine, Age 52



"After jumping from one fad diet to the next and being less than impressed with my gym results, I settled into a workout routine with Cait. Choosing to work with Cait was the best decision I could have made for myself, truly! She designs workout programs that change to revolve around my goals and needs. I’m not forced to spend hours in the gym, I’m never bored of the workouts and she always keeps my heart rate up. Cait is very graceful about her ability to inspire others. Working with Cait has allowed me the freedom to feel confident in my clothes, to start to love how I look, and to feel empowered while being surrounded in a busy gym!! I would HIGHLY recommend Cait!"

Maine, Age 25



“Training with Cait changed my body and my mind. She helped me realize how strong I am and how much I love lifting. Cait helped me see myself differently, and going into my “OMG next year I’m gonna be 50!” season of life I feel more confident, more knowledgeable and more comfortable in the gym and in my body as a result of working with Cait. She’s also just fun to train with, she put up with an awful lot of good natured complaining and used it to motivate!”

Maine, Age 49


"I first started working with Cait when I was recovering from a serious respiratory illness. I was feeling bummed that I had lost so much fitness and it felt like I'd never get back to where I was. Cait was so patient and encouraging I barely noticed how hard I was working as she challenged me with a variety of exercises, both cardio- and strength-based. Upside? I'm in my 40's and I'm stronger, faster, and leaner than I was in my 30's and out-lifting my teenage daughters. Downside? My husband makes me carry my own heavy stuff and I sometimes get caught flexing in the mirror. I can live with the trade off."

Maine, Age 42


"I have been working with Cait for 6 weeks now and I have regained not only strength but also the ability to feel a little more confident in my skin! She personalizes her plans to you and the goals you wish to achieve! Feeling stronger than I have for awhile now."


Maine, Age 24

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