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Join Cait and other women who are motivated to get healthy and fit, improve their lives, challenge themselves, but don't want to spend hours working out. I know you are busy AND you value your health. These workouts are focused, effective and time efficient. The time you spend searching for a free workout on IG or Pinterest you could have finished your #ConsistencyLeague workout. 😉

Once you purchase you will be send a document. Please download and complete the forms. Then send them back to me via email at Once I receive them, I will add you to the private Facebook group and True Coach (the app we will be using for your workouts).


Spots are limited!


By participating in the group coaching program you get:

  • Access to your workouts through a free app so you can quickly look at your workouts and record your progress in the app. I can see your progress and provide feedback. My clients have been loving the app!

  • This is not 

  • Brand new workouts every 4 weeks so that you stay engaged and keep showing up. Plus you never get bored.

  • Only need a couple pair of dumbbells.

  • Workout 4 days a week.

  • 15-30 minute workouts so that you can get in and get on with your life.

  • All exercises will have easy to access quickie form videos in the app so you know exactly what to do.

  • Exercise form feedback coaching from me so that you can feel confident doing the exercises. Also so that you get the most out of your workouts.

  • Coaching from me within the app’s chat section so I can recommend you increase your weight or do more reps or make modifications specifically for you.

  • Camaraderie of a group (via Facebook) so that you have built in accountability. We have (optional) monthly challenges too!


TWO Payment options:

1) Month-to-month $48/month (email me if you want this option

2) 6-months upfront: $229 (no cancellations, no holds)


#ConsistencyLeague Group Coaching Membership

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