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The goal of the program is to jumpstart your consistency and fat loss. The workouts are short so that it’s easier to stay on track and show up everyday. The workouts are intense so that we can jump start fat loss. 


What's included:

  •  4-week training program so that you have a plan you KNOW will work. One that you know will get you results in less time so that you can spend more time doing all the other things. This program only requires a few pairs of dumbbells so that you can do the workouts at home or in a crowded gym. All workouts are 30 minutes or less.

  • 3-Full body workouts; 2-lower body workouts; 2 upper body workouts; 2- Home HIIT workouts; 2-Gym HIIT workouts.

  • A calendar with suggested schedule based on how many days you can workout.

  • Quickie form videos for each workout, running through each movement so you know what it is and how to perform it properly 

  •  Easy print-and-go and easy-to-follow workout PDFs for all workouts


I have a money back guarantee. If you are not satisified with your results then I will refund your money.

Done In 30 Dumbbells

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