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3 Killer Workouts I’m Loving (using only dumbbells)

When I’m short on time these are my go-tos. I like to keep the workouts intense and short, with only a few exercises. When I’m short on time I don’t want to be thinking about alllllll the exercises I have to do. Having only a few exercises makes the workout seem more manageable when I don’t even want to be there in the first place. IYKYK


2x through:

10 light goblet squat

1) Lunging Every Minute Of It

  • 5 rounds:

    • 20 total walking lunges (can do alternating reverse lunges if you don’t have room to walk) Heavy weights

    • 20 total jump lunges Bodyweight

2) You Take My Breath Away

3) Pump Up the Glutes and Shoulders

Let me know if you try any of these. Tag me by using @cait47 on Instagram! I'd love to see your sweaty selfie. 💜

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