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#thinkAHEAD - 5 Steps to Staying Consistent with Your Workouts

Updated: Mar 26, 2022


The biggest struggle I hear from my clients and others boils down to consistency. We have a hard time staying consistent, especially when we don’t see any “progress” day to day. We feel we are working so hard but nothing changes. And this may be true. BUT what we need to focus on is our CONSISTENCY. Motivation comes and goes therefore building a foundation of consistency will push us through. Showing up when we don’t want to or think we don’t have time that’s how we build it.

Consistency gets RESULTS.

Here are my top 5 ways to help me stay consistent.

A - At least 10 minutes

H - Have a plan

E - Enjoy what you do

A - Accept the long term

D - Determine your timing

Share this with a friend you enjoy working out with to help each other stay consistent!

A- At least 10 minutes

If I’m feeling unmotivated for my workout that day, or tired from no sleep (because kids), depressed, or just blah I make myself do at least 10 minutes and assess how I feel after that. Usually I feel much better and I end up doing my entire workout with more energy than I thought! However, every once in awhile after 10 minutes if I still feel like curling up on the couch then I allow myself to call it a day and skip the workout with no guilt. Next time you’re thinking about skipping your workout give yourself 10 minutes and see what happens. If you’re still not feeling it give yourself a break, you probably deserve it.

H - Have a plan

It helps to have a written plan for that day’s workout. Write out exactly what you’ll do so when you get to the gym you don’t have to wander around or hit the treadmill….again. This also helps you stay focused and see better results. If you’re feeling lost with your workouts or need help designing a plan that actually gets you results message me! Click here to grab a copy of FREE Vacation Workouts. 10 minute workouts with no equipment!

E - Enjoy what you do

If you are dreading your workouts everyday then what you’re doing is not helping. In order for you to see the results you desire you need to enjoy what you do so that you actually want to do it! Will there be days you don’t want to? Yes, absolutely. But if you enjoy your workouts then there will be WAY more days that you feel like it because you ENJOY it. I used to think it had to be cardio and weights, but honestly not everyone enjoys that and that’s OK! I still think resistance training is a must but if that’s not your jam then find something that is. Move your body in a way you enjoy and you will find that you will be more consistent. And don’t worry, finding what you enjoy may take experimentation and time. Give yourself that because this life is a have time to find out what you like instead of staying where you are and hating it.

A - Accept the long term

Accepting the long term means you know that fitness is part of your life journey. You know there are no quick fixes and you just need to put in the effort day after day to see the returns. Progress comes slow but it’s coming! It also means knowing that what you do today is helping your future self. On days when I don’t want to workout I think about my future self and what kind of health I want. I want to be healthy in every decade, I want to run around with my kids and grandkids, therefore I need this workout TODAY because what I do consistently over time matters to my future self. We may not see the results and returns on our investment immediately but over time they will be revealed. Stick with it!

D - Determine your timing

Determine your timing is scheduling when you will workout. Put it on your calendar and don’t cancel on yourself (or your health). On days you know you will be tempted to skip your workout put it in your calendar, block that time off. If you know you are not a morning person try not to make yourself do morning workouts because you will most likely stop going. If you know you have a hard time going after work then don’t schedule your workout at that time. Decrease your own barriers by finding a time that works for you and not against you.

There you have it! My #thinkAHEAD system for keeping consistency with your workouts.

Remember, fitness is a journey and every step you take counts. It’s what you do on most days over time that adds up.

Stay consistent! I believe in you.

Speaking of staying consistent I have just the thing to help you!

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